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Public Union “UKRAINIAN ACADEMY OF MEDIATION” (hereinafter UAM) – a public non-profit association with legal status. The Union is based on common interests in the field of mediation for the implementation of goals and tasks stipulated by its Charter, as well as for the enforcement and protection of rights and freedoms, public satisfaction, namely social, cultural, economic and other interests.

Our goal

The main purpose of the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation is to facilitate the development of mediation in Ukraine as an alternative (non-judicial) method of dispute resolution and enhance a culture of peace and harmony in Ukrainian society. Public Union “Ukrainian Academy of Mediation” (UAM) was founded by Odessa regional mediation group, which has twenty years of experience of implementation of mediation in Ukraine and the law firm “Prioris” with experienced specialists in the field of law and alternative dispute resolution.

Our activities

  • directly participating in organizing and conducting educational activities for the implementation of mediation
  • take part in the development of normative legal acts on issues of extrajudicial resolution of conflicts (disputes)
  • contributes to the organization and conducting seminars, lectures, workshops, conferences, symposia, research and competitions in the field of mediation
  • develops and implements a program of exchange and training of mediators abroad
  • develops and implements a program of free assistance of an alternative (non-judicial) resolution of disputes through mediation
  • cooperates with professional societies in the field of law, central and local bodies of state power and local self-government
  • cooperates with national and foreign non-governmental organizations, international foundations and non-governmental organizations, as well as with other entities whose activities are not contrary to the laws of Ukraine

Thanks to cooperation with European organizations that are leaders in the field of mediation, Ukrainian Academy of mediation has advanced experience of European countries in this regard, including the organization of the implementation process of mediation in the courts. In this regard, Ukrainian Academy of mediation is not only involved, but also organizes scientific and practical seminars, conferences, forums, round tables, as well as training activities for members of the legal professions in this direction.

UAM has established and maintains a platform for legal professionals and mediators – Forum “Mediation and Law”, which is held annually in Ukraine. On the basis of this platform legal professionals (judges, lawyers, notaries, academics) have the ability to receive and to deepen their knowledge of:

  • non-judicial resolution of conflicts through mediation;
  • development of mediation in Ukraine and abroad;
  • use of mediation in legal practice (lawyer-mediator, notary-mediator, the court mediation and its types)
  • as well as for the exchange experience between the lawyers, not only in Ukraine, but in other countries practicing mediation.

UAM Committees

  • Committee for International Cooperation
  • Committee on Scientific and Legal Issues
  • Committee on cooperation with courts, lawyers and notaries

UAM Team

Barabash Tatiana

President of the Ukrainian Academy of mediation

Lawyer, mediator, trainer; The head of the committee of the “Association of Advocates of Ukraine” on the relationships with foreign associations of lawyers; Member of the Bar Council of Odessa region; Founder and member of the National Association of mediators in Ukraine

Romanadze Luisa

Vice-President of the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation

Lawyer, Ph.D., a mediator, a board member of the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine and Head of the Committee for Standardization NAMU, Head of the Department of Law of Odessa National Economic University, assistant professor of business law and of the National University “Odessa Law Academy”.