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Mediation application fields

  • business conflicts;
  • civil matters: family, inheritance, land, housing, and others;
  • conflicts in construction;
  • disputes in insurance and banking;
  • support of projects that affect multiple parties;
  • labor disputes;
  • disputes relating to copyright and intellectual property;
  • cross-cultural conflicts and more.

How to receive help by contacting the mediator

You can write us an email at If you are interested in a particular mediator from our list, enter his or her name in your letter.

You can also contact us by phone (Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00):

  • (048) 722-01-82
  • (098) 693-86-56

You will be given the opportunity at the meeting to receive a free consultation related to alternative dispute resolution through mediation, where you will receive all necessary information on the procedure.

The next step, if the parties decide to resolve their conflict (dispute) with the help of mediation, between them and the selected mediator(s) is a contract to conduct the mediation.

The solution that the parties will find the results of mediation, shall be in the form of the contract which, if they wish, can be notarized.

UAM Mediators: