On June 3, 2016, the Second Annual Forum - "Mediation and Law" was held, the only specialized platform for lawyers in the field of mediation in Ukraine.

This Forum is organized by the Ukrainian Mediation Academy and the Odesa Oblast Bar Council, with the support of the German International Legal Cooperation Foundation IRZ, with the participation of the Odesa Oblast Mediation Group and the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine.

The Forum covered the following topics:
● Justice and mediation are a matter of trust.
● How does the judicial mediation model work? The judge is a mediator.
● Possibilities of conducting mediation/pretrial settlement of disputes with a judge's participation according to Ukraine's current procedural legislation.
● Problematic issues of mediation with the participation of a subject of authority.
●Agreement on reconciliation between the victim and the offender, suspect, and accused (damage/compensation).
● Criminal proceedings based on agreements under the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. Opportunities for mediation.
● Mediation between the victim and the offender.
● The influence of mediation on the effectiveness of the judicial system: foreign experience. Mediation in family disputes - advantages for parties and lawyers.
● Mediation in the context of justice reform in Ukraine.
● Lawyer and mediator: historical sources and perspectives of cooperation/combination, etc.

For the first time in Ukraine, the issue of mediation has attracted the attention of lawyers from different regions of Ukraine - judges, lawyers, corporate lawyers, etc. on a large scale. The Forum was attended by judges from various courts of Ukraine - representatives of all branches of the judicial system. The Forum is also a training event for lawyers who had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the practical application of mediation in their professional activities.

Speakers were: as European experts - Edgar Isermann, President of the Higher Land Court in Braunschweig (retired), Lower Saxony, Germany and Norbert Wolff, Prosecutor General of the General Prosecutor's Office in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany; and also Mykhailo Ivanovich Smokovich, judge, Deputy Chairman of the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine; Ella Valeriivna Kataeva, Deputy Head of the Odesa District Administrative Court, judge; Ihor Anatoliyovych Bobuyok, judge of the Malinovsky district of Odesa; Yaroslav Pavlovich Zeykan, Master of the Ukrainian Bar, lawyer, Senior Partner of the Zeykan, Popov, Golub and Partners Bar Association; Roman Koval, facilitator with international experience, mediator of the World Bank and the International Financial Corporation (Compliance Advisor Ombudsman Office, IFC-MIGA), chairman of the board of the NGO "Institute of Peace and Understanding; Natalya Krestovska, doctor of legal sciences, professor; Hanna Garo, Doctor of Laws, lawyer - mediator, Chairman of the AAU Committee on Family Law and Property Disputes, head of "Hanna Garo Legal Agency" LLC; Anna Yushchak, lawyer, mediator, Director of the Department of Civil and Family Law of the Ukrainian Foreign Legal College, LL.M. Viadrina European University (Germany); Diana Protsenko, Doctor of Law, mediator, lawyer, president of the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine; Tetyana Kiselyova, Candidate of Jurisprudence, LL.M, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Branch Legal Disciplines, National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", st. of science team member, University of Turin, Italy.
According to the results of the Forum, participants supported the creation of such a platform in Ukraine as the annual forum "Mediation and Law". They emphasized the need for legislative support for the institution of mediation in Ukraine. Some judges shared their experience of using pretrial dispute settlement in the presence of current legislation of Ukraine.


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