On June 2, 2017, the Third Annual Forum - "Mediation and Law" was held, the only specialized platform for lawyers in the field of mediation in Ukraine. The Forum was organized by the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation together with the Odesa Region Bar Council and with the support of the German IRZ Foundation for International Legal Cooperation. This year, the event is devoted to applying mediation in the context of civil law and process.

The Forum was attended by lawyers from different regions of Ukraine - judges of various instances and jurisdictions, lawyers, notaries, corporate lawyers, etc. The Forum is also a training event for lawyers who had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the practical application of mediation in their professional activities.

The Forum became an excellent platform for exchanging experiences between lawyers practising mediation.
The Forum covered the following topics:
● Draft Law "On Mediation" No. 3665. Key issues.
● Expert analysis of the draft law "On Mediation" No. 3665 and proposed amendments to it by an expert of the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ).
● Mediation in public legal disputes: practical aspects.
● Conclusion and implementation of civil law agreements in mediation (both in and out of court; notarization) in the context of German civil law.
● Mediation agreements are civil law agreements in Ukrainian civil law.
● Resolving conflicts through cooperation - Collaborative Law method. Excellent and shared with mediation. Additional opportunities for lawyers.

The following spoke as European experts: Edgar Isermann, President of the Higher Land Court in Braunschweig (retired), Lower Saxony, Germany, Michael Kalde, Vice President of the Land Court in Göttingen, Lower Saxony, Germany, Karin Gmeiner, lawyer, mediator, Collaborative Lawyer, president of the Association of Mediation and Cooperative Behavior (AVM), Vienna, Austria; as well as Luiza Romanadze, PhD, lawyer, a mediator of the German Bar Academy (DAA), vice-president of the Ukrainian Mediation Academy, Odesa, Olga Tyutyun, lawyer, certified business mediator, mediation trainer, Volodymyr Zubar, k. Doctor of Law, lawyer, managing partner of JSC "YURLINE".

Considerable attention was paid at the Forum to the practical aspects of mediation, in particular, Karin Gmeiner and Michel Kalde held a workshop during which the participants of the Forum were allowed to familiarize themselves with the involvement of parties in mediation by lawyers.

Also, Stefan Kessen, mediator, moderator and partner, Berlin and Beate Foskamp, ​​mediator and trainer, Berlin, Yuriy Tverdokhlib, lawyer, mediator of the German Bar Academy and Iryna Suchilova, lawyer, mediator of the German Bar Academy demonstrated to the participants of the Forum the mediation procedure on examples of conflict with a legal component.


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