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Mediator coaches of the Ukrainian Academy of mediation offer training programs on mediation, which are specially designed for such specialists in the field of law (advocate, lawyers, judges, notaries) and business spheres (entrepreneurs, managers of enterprises and organizations, senior and middle management), while taking into account the peculiarities of the profession concerned as well as for all those who wish to master such alternative method of resolving conflicts (disputes) as mediation.

Knowledge of the mediation and the acquisition of skills of a professional mediator will not only help you effectively master the method of communication in conflict (dispute) and ways of its resolution, but also will help behave constructively in different situations, as well as provide a new look at the nature of the conflict (dispute).


Specialized basic course “Mediation”

This program consists of 4 modules, each of which includes three working days – overall 90 hours (theoretical and practical) of training. This program is based on European standards of mediation training. Upon completion you receive a certificate.

Method of conduct: theoretical concepts and practical exercises, role-playing games with demonstration, individual approach and work in small groups, feedback from the coach, “professional reflection” as a lawyer and as a mediator.

After completing this course you receive the qualification of a mediator, which is actually not only the opportunity to improve your skills (such as a specialist in law), but is also an additional specialization to your main profession or may become your main activity.

Information seminars

This program is for lawyers, it consists of several workshops, not just related to each other but which represent a certain set of knowledge about extrajudicial resolution of disputes through mediation, and specifically targeted at lawyers, while taking into account professional and legal ethics:

Seminar 1. “Mediation as a tool to an advocate”: a brief overview of the mediation process; work details for lawyer-mediator; what are the benefits of mediator skills for the lawyer; what mediation techniques can facilitate communications between lawyer and his clients in court, in negotiations, consultations, with business partners.

Seminar 2. “The role of the lawyer in mediation”: party support (of the customer) in mediation as an attorney \ legal adviser; legal features of registration of civil agreements in mediation.

Seminar 3. Workshop on usage of the lawyer-mediator skills (focused on lawyers that have passed at least basic mediator skills training) – work in small groups, carrying out simulations based on real situations \ actual examples from lawyer practice.